John Wilkerson

Senior Pastor

John and Linda Wilkerson were married in the summer of 1989 and God has blessed them with nine children: Tyler (now in Heaven), Derrick, Preston, Lydia, Drew, Coleman, Judson, Mason, and Lacey. John grew up in Tennessee and was saved as a child. Linda (Francis) grew up in Massachusetts and was also saved as a child. John and Linda met at Hyles-Anderson College. John graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1989, and Linda graduated in 1990. After graduation, John taught at our City Baptist Schools for one year until moving to California to teach high school at First Baptist Church of Long Beach. In 1993 he assumed the position of principal of Calvary Christian School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, until returning to California to become the 18th pastor of First Baptist Church of Long Beach in June of 2000. Church services in English, Korean, and Spanish are conducted every week. The Sunday school program had grown in attendance from 849 to over 1,700 in the 12 years that he has been pastor. In August of 2008, the Wilkersons lost their 17-year-old son Tyler as the result of a car accident. The following Sunday, Pastor Wilkerson preached a sermon entitled “God Makes No Mistakes.” God has used their testimony to help many hurting families.

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Pastoral Staff

  • Johnny Colsten - Associate Pastor, Visitation
  • Eddie Lapina - Administrative Pastor
  • Roy Moffitt - Associate Pastor, Visitation


  • Danny Brannon - Chapel Ministry
  • Keith Cowling - Local Bus Ministry
  • Andy Gomez - Spanish Pastor
  • John Francis - Chicago Bus Ministry
  • John Cooper - Deaf Pastor
  • Mark Duff - Evangelism
  • Mark Bosje - Missions


  • Brian Hasse - Youth Pastor
  • Ricky Torres - Chicago Bus Ministry Youth Pastor