Below is the contact information for the Judiciary Committee. We need an email and phone push for folks to take time and call the Judiciary Committee today! (There will not be much time from when they get it out of Committee to when it hits the floor.) The bill must pass out of the Judiciary Committee first AS IS otherwise the whole bill is dead! Due to difficulty in verifying phone numbers, please call AND e-mail these folks to make sure they get your message.

Ask them to vote YES on HJR3. Here is what you can say:
“I deserve the right to be able to vote on November 4, 2014 to protect marriage between one man and one woman! Will you Vote Yes on the Marriage Protection Amendment HJR3 - as is - in the 2014 General Assembly so I will have the opportunity to vote November 4, 2014 to protect marriage between one man and one woman? Please let me know within the next week how you will vote.”

Casey Cox 317-232-9769 h85@iga.in.gov
Eric Koch 317-232-9674 h65@in.gov
Daniel Leonard 317-232-9793 h50@in.gov
Peggy Mayfield 317-234-9499 h60@in.gov
Jud McMillin 317-232-9815 h68@in.gov
Wendy McNamara 317-232-9671 h76@in.gov
Gregory Steuerwald 317-232-9833 h40@in.gov
Jerry Torr 317-232-9677 h39@in.gov
Tom Washburne 317-234-2993 h64@in.gov
B. Patrick Bauer 317-232-9991 h6@in.gov
Ed DeLaney 317-232-9798 h86@in.gov
Ryan Dvorak 317-234-9294 h8@in.gov
Vernon Smith 317-232-9976 h14@in.gov

Please spend time praying for the Judiciary Committee after contacting them and expressing your desired outcome. These men and women are going to be inundated for the next few days. Pray for their safety and that they will stand for what is right.